Academic Information Management System

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Academic Information Management System. AIMS is a smart information management system designed and developed by home grown professionals, especially for schools, colleges, and Universities. Using AIMS, institutions will not only be able to manage data of students, teachers, and parents, but also track school buses, manage attendance and do a lot more.

Why Use AIMS?
  • It's smart and Artificial Intelligent friendly
  • It's made using Micro service-architecture for scalability, flexibility and productivity
  • Great after sales support (Phone, email, remote and onsite)
  • Home grown product
  • Team with years of experience working for Nepali Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Continuous research and development


AIMS Features

System will be able to store, manage and process the data of the students. System will keep the data for as long as the client wants.

Biometric Attendence

Attendance system will record the time students, teachers and faculties have clocked in and out. This data can be viewed by the administrator anytime.

Classwork Curriculum

Teachers will be able to upload course syllabus, lesson plans, class routines, and etc. Students and parents will then be able to vie them via mobile app and website.

Homework / Assignment

Teachers will be able to upload coursework and students will be able to upload assignments, research papers and more.

Bus Tracking

Using additional GPS tracking systems that we have made in-house, parents faculties and students can view the location of their school buses in real-time.

Time Table

Students and teachers would be able to view, edit and manage class and exam timetables anytime of the day and night and throughout the year.

Bulk SMS

From the AIMS admin dashboard, institutions will be able to send various types of notifications to students, guardians and teachers via SMS. We encourage institutions to send notification via mobile app, however this service is can be used as per need and is a chargeable service.

Examination Report

Institutions are able to send and upload examination report on AIMS which will then be accessible to students and guardians once it has been published.


AIMS has an inbuilt library Management System, that can be implemented in the libraries. Additional hardware such as internet, computer and scanners will be required.


Institutions will be able to publish various types of notices on AIMS, which will then be available to students, faculties and parents via mobile app.

Promotion To New Session

AIMS will automatically promote the students to higher classes. This will save the school administrators from re-entering the data of the students. Administrators will need to initiate the process to make sure that only those who have passed gets promoted by the software.

User Management

AIMS system has a great user management systems where School Admin is able to create new users, assign roles, revoke and monitor user activities.

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